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Judaea, Bar Kokhba Revolt, AE Larger Middle Bronze, undated year 3 (=134/135 AD)


Obverse: ŠM / ’WN (Shimon) in the fields beneath a palm tree
Reverse: L-H-R-W-T YR-WŠL-M (for the freedom of Jerusalem) around a large vine leaf

exceptional quality for the type

Ex Samel Collection, bought pre 1993, most probably between the 1960s and 1980s.

The Samel Collection
The Polish-Jewish siblings Josef Samel (1913-2015) and Angela Arluk (1920-2015) shared a passionate interest in the history of the Jewish people. In the course of the 1960’s they got the idea of compiling a coin collection which reflects the history of the people of Israel. Within a few decades they created one of the most important collections of Jewish coins. The collection covered the history of the Jewish people from the 6th century BC until the present day.

Bar Kokhba Revolt
The Bar Kokhba revolt was a rebellion of the Jews of the Roman province of Judea, led by Simon bar Kokhba, against the Roman Empire. Fought circa 132–136 AD, it was the last of three major Jewish–Roman wars. Shortly after the outbreak the insurgents initiated the minting silver as well as bronze coins. The silver coinage consisted of two denominations: the sela (a tetradrachm of around 14 g) and the zuz (a drachm of around 3.3 g). The bronze coins included large, medium and small coins. The legends were written in Paleo-Hebrew characters.

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6.29 g




Hendin no. 1437; Kaufmann no. 37; Meshorer, Treasury 254 no. 292; Mildenberg – (O11/R-)