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Gold ducat Holland 1729 – Vliegent Hert NGC MS 63


Obverse: CONCORDIA. RES – PAR. CRES. HOL., knight facing right, standing between split date, sword leaning against right shoulder, holding bundle of arrows
Reverse: MO: ORD / PROVIN. / FOEDER / BELG. AD / LEG. IMP., all within ornate square
Recovered from the wreck of the VOC ship ‘Vliegent Hert’
With NGC Shipwreck certification
‘t Vliegend Hert, also known as ‘t Vliegend Hart, was a ship of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). It was built in 1729 for the VOC Chamber of Zeeland. It had a capacity for 850 tons of cargo and 256 crew members.
On February 3 1735 the ship set sail from Rammekens to East India, under the command of Cornelis van der Horst. Along with its sister ship the Anna Catharina, which had sailed out at the same time, ’T Vliegend Hert hit a sandbank 18 km off the coast of Vlissingen and sunk. All those on board perished.
The wreck of ‘t Vliegend Hert was discovered in September 1981. A money chest with 2000 gold ducats and 5000 silver reales were found among other things. One remarkable discovery were lead containers holding tobacco, anchovies and cheese.


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22.0 mm




Delm. 775; CNM 2.28.54; Fr. 250