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1777. USA. Battle of Germantown (19th century cast)


Obverse: Panoramic view of the battle
Reverse: GERMAN / TOWN / OCTR.4.1777 within laurel wreath
By J. Milton
The Battle of Germantown was a major engagement in the Philadelphia campaign of the American Revolutionary War. It was fought on October 4, 1777, at Germantown, Pennsylvania, between the British Army led by Sir William Howe, and the American Continental Army under George Washington. The battle was a victory for the British, but the long-term strategic consequences favored the Americans.
The original 1777 medals were merit medals for the British 40th Regiment of Foot

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31.80 g


AE 44.5 mm


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Betts 556; Eimer 772; Tancred page 331-2; Balmer R315