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Hoedjesschelling Zeeland 1711 – De Zuytdorp NGC Shipwreck graded


Obverse: ITA RELINQVENDA UT ACCEPTA, lion lying down with liberty hat on spear
Reverse: MO. NO. ARG. ORDIN. ZEELAND, crowned provincial coat of arms between split date

Recovered from the wreck of the VOC ship ‘De Zuytdorp’


With NGC Shipwreck certification

Zuytdorp (also Zuiddorp) was an 18th-century trading ship of the Dutch East India Company. On August 1 1711 the Zuytdorp was dispatched from the Netherlands to the trading port of Batavia. Many trading ships travelled a “fast route” using the strong Roaring Forties winds to carry them across the Indian Ocean to within sight of the west coast of Australia, from where they would turn north towards Batavia. The Zuytdorp never arrived at its destination and was never heard from again. No search was undertaken, presumably because the VOC did not know whether or where the ship wrecked or if it had been taken by pirates.
In the mid-20th century, Zuytdorp’s wreck site was identified on a remote part of the Western Australian coast between Kalbarri and Shark Bay, approximately 25 miles north of the Murchison River. This rugged section of coastline was subsequently named the Zuytdorp Cliffs.

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26.6 mm


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V. 93.3; CNM 2.49.85