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1 sovereign Great Britain 1905 – SS Egypt NGC Shipwreck graded


Obverse: portrait of King Edward VII right
Reverse: St. George slaying the dragon

Recovered from the wreck of the steamer ‘SS Egypt’

With original Lloyd’s 1932 box and certificate

With NGC Shipwreck certification

SS Egypt was a P&O ocean liner that sank after a collision with the SS Seine on 20 May 1922 in the Celtic Sea. The voyage proceeded normally until in the early morning of 20 May fog was encountered. After continuing the voyage for several hours a dense fog bank was suddenly encountered at around 7 o’clock. The engines were stopped but almost immediately afterwards a fog whistle was heard. The steamship Seine emerged through the fog and within seconds struck the Egypt’s port side. The Seine had a strengthened bow for ice-breaking, which penetrated deeply into the Egypt’s hull before the ships drifted apart. 252 people were rescued from the 338 passengers and crew. On board, destined for the Government of India, were 1,089 gold bars, 1,229 silver bars, 165,979 gold pound coins, – totalling around 5.5 tons of gold and 43 tons of silver, most of which was recovered.


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7.99 g


22.0 mm


Fr. 400; KM# 805