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8 reales Mexico ‘pillar dollar’ 1737 – Rooswijk NGC Shipwreck graded


Obverse: crowned arms shield flanked by value and initials
Reverse: crowned hemispheres flanked by crowned pillars
Recovered from the wreck of the VOC ship ‘Rooswijk’
With NGC Shipwreck certification
The Rooswijk, of the Dutch East India Company (VOC), was lost in a storm on January 9 1740 at the Goodwin Sands, an area of undeep waters and moving sandbanks with a length of ca. 16 km before the southeast of England, approximately 9 km off the coast near Deal. In Deal the canon shots of the Rooswijk were heard and were thought to indicate a ship in distress. The next day wreckage and a chest with letters, identifying the ship, washed up on the shore. None of the crew survived.
In 2004 the wreck of the Rooswijk was discovered by accident by a carpenter and an amateur diver. Part of the cargo was salvaged the next year. Silver ingots, coins, sabels, muskets, and utensils were recovered.


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36.5 mm


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KM# 103